Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Playing Hard to Get is HARD

Any guy will tell you this- playing hard to get is ATTRACTIVE. (As long as you just don't PUSH it (;) But who knew it could be so hard? I can't possibly be the only one who feels the same way...
Think about it. You like this guy. You talk to him. Then you find out that you have to play hard to get. This is usually along the lines of:
  • Don't call him up or text him FIRST.
  • Make him work around YOUR schedule.
  • Be uninterested when it seems that he is.
But if you actually like the guy, you would be thrilled at any subtle hint at the return of the feelings. (Did that sentence make any sense?) Know what I mean? So thanks to Google, which appears to be handy for any question ever known to man, I discovered the nine strategies of playing hard to get. Here they are:

  1. Be flexible, but not a push over
  2. Create distance without going anywhere.
  3. Give him/her what he/she wants but not in the way that he/she expected.
  4. Don't compete, outlast the competition.
  5. Be totally open and upfront but keep raising questions in his/her mind and answering them: some right away and some later.
  6. Be easily accessible but "out of reach".
  7. Stir the pot once in a while.
  8. Work the imagination and tease all of his/her senses.
  9. Initiate sexual contact when he/she least expects it.
Personally, I just think this will just send a bunch of mixed signals to the guy.

... But thats just my opinion (;

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